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We Are Processing the Upgrade

As we approach the official launch of the site, we have to once again bring things back down again - but this time it will not be without an explanation. The reason for bringing the site down now is simple, we are working on merging the existing data into the new system.

As a result of bringing in the data from the Beta to our final product, we can not have folks posting new content for the time being. If we had that happening, there would be a distinct chance that we could lose some of your data in the transition which we absolutely want to avoid if possible. Leaving the Beta up but telling you all to just not use it would be rather cruel, so we figured this to be the best option.

We do not want to announce the exact launch date quite at this time, but we can tell you that it is coming up in the next few weeks or we would not have taken the Beta offline. So, in the mean time you can follow us on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up to date on all the latest goings on. And, as always, thanks so much:

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